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custom login pages themes,custom ranks and userslist
announcement msg bot for an administrator
custom animated images on nicks colors designs animated moving texts
Level chat points exp coins points(colors on avatar,iframe,chat scrol borders)
gift system with data base
powers system complete with more then 20 powers
team management,level,topchatters,quizboard score
pm reader for owners
zoom in zoom out for main chat
mobile apk for andriod
most active users rank,avatar system,profile likes,profile views
main chat warning button
quiz score sending button
relationship status
Poke Feature
Main chat warning button with text message
join bot msg to new registration
on join model box with registertion button
fancy nick colors name waves
birthday, ziodic sign, nick fonts styles
commands for level points ranks adding
profile shadow color
profile comments reviews
coins sending system
profile music
profile reaction emojis
room colors
audio video call
private background
main chat background
coins convertor
level convertor
global pm
Events wall
main chat text backgrounds
photo frames
confession chair/wall
coins store
chat store
instagram story feature
Famous users voting based
Bulk Mails to all users on 1 click
Main Text Background colors
private chat permission rank based
Level Coins editing of users for owners
Extra section in profile which contains characters, hobby, relation status, looking for,job,horoscope
profile lock
send notifications ranks based
many more custom addons codings
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